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Every penny of our fundraising has been through sponsorships, donations and sales.

Are You a School Leader?

I am looking for students/teachers/parents to help lead the charge at their own school to make Go Gold Day happen and help with fundraising efforts! Read more below!

Go Gold Day is going to be September 30th this year! It is a day where we encourage all schools to wear gold in honor of pediatric cancer awareness month. I met with Rocky Hanna, and he has not only approved Go Gold Day but also all Leon County Schools to fundraise individually to help us reach a goal of $10,000! If we reach this goal for all LCS, Rocky will do a LIP SYNC song dressed up in ALL GOLD! I can’t wait!!!

I am looking for parents and students from all schools in Leon County to step up and be a leader at their schools! They will be talking to their principals, getting their school on board, promoting it, and, if the school chooses to do so, leading the fundraising efforts!

**If you don’t go to a Leon County School but would still like to participate and help- that is GREAT! Go ahead and fill out the form, and I will make sure to send you information as well! My dream is that this goes WAY beyond Leon County!!**

Please fill out the form below! I will be sending information to each person with more details about fundraising efforts as well as Go Gold Day specifically! (If more than one person from a school signs up, I will connect everyone via email so they can all work together!)

Mr. Hanna should be announcing this to principals soon, if he hasn’t already, so we are eager to get started!



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Our Community Partners are those individuals or businesses that have a passion to support their community through fundraising events or promotions.


Our Sponsors are individuals and companies who see the purpose and want to help support the cause by becoming a multi-year financial contributor.

“You know how they say, “Make Lemonade out of Lemons.” That is what Katelyn has done. She has taken something that happened to her family and made it into something beautiful for so many to learn from.”

Kim McFarland – Principal Roberts Elementary School

Let’s make something beautiful together.